FACTA Section 114

Red Flag Rules
How We Can Help

NXG Breach and Red Flag Mitigation Services

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NXG Strategies provides proactive and reactive services to help organizations meet the requirements of FACTA Section 114, Red Flag as well as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) regarding emergency data breach response planning and execution.

PLUS... NXG's programs can be positioned to help you attract and retain new customers, protect your market share, and because our SELECT Service Contracts for financial institutions include robust identity theft benefits for accountholders it can help you execute account restructuring plans to drive INCREASED PROFITABILITY for your organization.

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Complete Red Flag Research and Remediation
  • Research to determine if Red Flags are legitimate
  • Counseling for consumers and complete remediation of fraud by limited power of attorney
  • Remediation of credit report errors that cause "false Red Flags"
  • Tracking and reporting of Red Flags found for compliance with Board requirements

Professional consultants to manage your Breach Response Planning and Execution
  • Professional consultants to advise and plan your breach response based on the circumstances
  • Preparation of custom response letter, instructions for services, FAQ's, scripts, press releases, etc.
  • Custom Website for information and activation of services
  • Certified Fraud Defenders on call to provide a comprehensive breach response

Comprehensive Identity Theft Research, Remediation and Recovery Service for Consumers

  • The most comprehensive response available in the industry
  • Highest credentialed, tenured staff of professionals in the industry
  • The best quality services in the industry
  • Successfully addresses ALL types of financial and NON-financial fraud with no time limit -- 100% satisfaction guaranteed

We can show you how you can implement our SELECT Services Contract to protect ALL of your customers, members or accountholders and offset 100% of the cost PLUS position your organization for increased bottom-line income.

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